I decided to enroll in AP World History to challenge myself and to prepare myself for college by taking the necessary steps needed.During this course I have learned many things that i was unsure of or didn't even know about. During the year I have learned how to be more organized and manage my time as well as think at a college level to interpret meaning like a historian would as well as,though doing many group activities that have involved us more in history. I have always been challenged in this class, but i have also had may moments where I lacked preparation as well as having it there are also many regrets that I have as a student in this class like working harder or being more prepared.Although that is not completely the case I still appreciate everything that every one in this class has contributed to as well as Mr.Rodriguez, who has taught us not like a class with workbooks and stacks and stacks of packets, but has put in an effort to be a really cool teacher and help us invest in our future by helping us with the class.

During the period I which I was in class , at the beginning of the year I wasn't as organized as i am right now , but since we were all having similar issues at the time, we all found individual ways of coping with the class and completing assignments. Organization was an issue when I wasn't sure which notes or work we were supposed to do later on at the end of the year.I found out that if i fell behind, i really fell behind. Organization and time management have been gradually helping me improve in my other classes as well which helped out with my classes. This gradual organization is what helped e improve and become more motivated to work harder and put an effort in my classes from now on. the fact that organization was an issue , i don't really understand anymore since the class was very simple, but I ended up lose track somewhere along the time and ended up falling behind.

Throughout the year we have been taught to think like historians to better interpret history with our own knowledge as well as though the inference and analyzation of history from our perspective as well as from that of the past. Historical thinking has helped me organize my thoughts and better understand what has happened throughout the points that we have been studying. Historical thinking is a helpful guide to make subjects simpler and better to understand by placing yourself in that time period and giving a mental picture of what you would see , or what the civilization during that period would be like. 


I don't think i did the best that i possibly could of have done in this class, but I don't think that I did bad either. I didn't put much effort into the last semester of class because i thought it was going to be the easiest since we were almost done with the year and I supposedly knew a lot about the subjects from that year but i was wrong. The problem that I had was that I assumed something about the class and history , but i was completely unaware of what we were going to actually go over.

During this year I have learned many things about history and how it will continue to happen. Every day we make history , so it won't end up repeating itself. The most important skill that I have learned in Mr. Rodriguez's class is time management and persistence. At the beginning of the year most of the students including myself believed that the class was too heavy and difficult for us. We gradually became accustomed to the work and it became simpler for us. One thing that helped me in this class was the fact that it wasn't a class where learning is forced upon you, you either get work done in the class or you don't this is a very helpful way of preparing us students for college and the future and is a skill that will benefit me continually. Another aspect of the class that helped me improve was the face that I became used to reading larger amounts of chapters and interpreting them in my own words, which is essential in everyday life. AP World is a class that is challenging but beneficial towards students who plan on going to college later on in their future. What I have learned will continue to be used and will help me accomplish my goals.

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