About myself:Why I chose APWH

Hi my name is Antonio Cabral, I am presenting my Ap world history portfolio which is to give you a idea of what we have learned this year.
I am currently taking this class as a Sophmore and I have learned many new skills in this class that help me better comprehend my work.
I chose AP World History as a class this year because i wanted to challenge my self and improve .This class has helped me develop my historical thinking and helped me see something from a different perspective.AP World history has benefited since it has motivated me to be more organized as well as consistent.AP World has helped by having me slowly get used to working at a college level, which has improved my organization in other classes as well.AP World History may seem like a difficult class at first but you gradually become used to the work.   


AP World History Poem:

Much of what we know is still a mystery 


yet to be found,

rewritten by ages round

although this class was difficult,

it is surely pivotal

the skills that we learned in this class are not physical,

but  with erudition


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